Wednesday, December 31, 2014

an investment in self is the ultimate adventure

Since most people doubt their thoughts they doubt that their thoughts can manifest. The only time most people will work hard is to prove that they can be what they tell people they are, so they can look the part of who they say they are and wish to be... My point is not everyone can produce their own thoughts they need to be helped to get to their next level. Some has come to realize that it will never happen but when you are able to show them the way, they will listen and when you are able to help them to achieve their goal you will reap great reward for producing the needs of their wants.

Clients in the fields

 Clients in the fields 

Have your clients commit to you and they will keep coming back. When a client come back keep the focus on their needs and the services you can provide to them at industry standard, according to their budget. The client will get caught up in their need to get a lower price, as long as you are able to reinforce industry standard and budget then you are on the right path of the negotiation. Just like conversation, negotiations can take a long time. Sticking to your values decreases theirs and raises your profitability. 

Meet and greet :  who and how you meet matters. You want to meet people who you can provide services to and those that need your services.  If the meet does not lead into a conversation about exchange of services,  a business lead, a collaboration, joint venture, or etc  leading to your next destinations then it is a waste of time.

Negotiations : how to Handel the cost of the relationship. Who does what and who does not. What is needed to create balance of hierarchy.

Working together : encouragement is needed in every relationship.  You should always encourage your relationships to move forward. Provide the best information possible that will create critical thinking. Give critical feedback and helpful alternatives that will  help the relationship.  Resolve all issues and come to a conclusion within a timely manner. Compromise provides distance and resistance within the flow of the relationship it takes a person off of its path and distorts the flow of direction. Collaboration provides flow within the relationship, it allows you to be you within the relationship thus allowing you to flow as only would.

Process of communication : learn the language of the relationship, establish definitions and create clarity.  Come to solid conclusions and resolve all issues.

Phase of the relationship: establish time lines and boundaries

Producing the Product: set goals and reach milestones. Stay in your own lane and don't cross contaminant. In the case that multiple hats are being worn, respect the position that you are in.

Engaging the client.: when engaging the client you want to find out a few things. What are the needs of the client wants and your answer to the client needs. Does the client have a budget? Your price is always industry standard,  but you can work within the budget when one is available.  If they need a estimated budget one could be drafted, consultation fee of $300 +/-  depending on the individuals project.

Unseen force

Producer Writer Director Crew... idea, pre production of idea, production of idea the post production to the finished  package of the idea... all of these elements are needed for me to do what I want to do... lots of time I'm discovering that many want to go from idea to the final packaging of the idea....

Another thing I notice is that when people have the idea to create something they don't have the MONEY to create nor have they done the necessary pre production to figure out the needed goals to complete the creation of their idea..
Another discovery is the effect intimidation has on a person... an intimidated person looses focus on their reality. Instead of working with you they begin to compete against you... when a person begins to compete against you, it causes them to attack you and find ways to defeat you. During that time they let down their defense and is unable to defend themselves against a counter attack... they have been so focused on crushing you that they forget to collaborate and work with you... they forget the reason why they approach you thus they learn a hard lesson and teach you how to be stronger...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Storyboards by WILL MANGUM

                                                B/W  $15 - $25    Color $25 - $40   

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

rooftop view

Getting to this state of mind has taking a lot of thought. The true challenge is overcoming resistance. Resistance comes in many forms and each form presents a different challenge. Currently I am in the Roto Phase, long process but it add great value to the overall production. Once I finish roto or masking i can get into the color correction and more effects...

This Project was very costly. A lot of time was spent on trail and error, trouble shooting and method comparison. I have learned the importance of making an effective work flow to reach miles stones within the prescribed deadlines. Now that I have gotten this far I now know how far I can go and how long it may take to reach the mile stone destination.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Computer Generation

track list... 1, Sunny with a Chance of snow. 2, The Spirit in Me. 3, Give Praises. 4, This world belongs to Your. 5, Since. 6, Lavish Life. 7, Overstand Me. 8, Take Action Make Moves Keep Stacking. 9, Blue Mist, 10, posted. 11, Playing Games. 12, Venting. 13, Chops. 

Computer Generation is my 5th Personal Album which will be the 2nd personal album I put into the Market. I have been working on Computer Generation for a period of 16 months now. My goal is to Pre Release it, Hard Copy, on June 16, 2014. After the Pre Release I will take the necessary steps to put it on line for Digital Download . 

Self Distruction


Written by Bryant Campose

 I have decided to take on a new project and work with Bryant  (Film student) on the production team (Line Producer, Creative Consultant, Indiegog Campaign Producer Script supervisor during shoot.   

Sunday, March 23, 2014

version 2

Version 3 is in the making. Using Maya 2013 camera sequencer I will be able to render out my edit.

4/16/2014 I am still working on Version 3, the more I work on it the more challenges occur. I have set up what is called an ubercam, which is suppose to render out my whole edit  but I am unsure how to render it out. While I research how to render out my edit, I have decided to work on one shot. By working on my one shot it will allow me to focus on my atmosphere and textures.

Friday, March 21, 2014

animatic/ Virtual movie making

 Making animatics. Firsts I blocked out the scene in Maya 2013, then render out my shots,and  import them into  After Effects. I then export .mov files from AE and import them into Avid Media Composer. the process take hours. While i waited on renders I learned that i can edit my scene in Maya which means I could edit my shots then batch render. I have also learned how to use a script that allows me to render out UDK scenes which renders out scenes faster than Maya.

Tools with in my Workflow; Final Draft, Maya 2013, ZBrush, PS, AE, UDK, Avid Media Composer, and Logic.

Im Possible

I am often told its impossible to do something, so I do it. Nothing is impossible to me, I have the imagination of creativity. Truth is I make a lot of people mad. In my opinion when a mad person is speaking, they are speaking out loud to themselves. I base my theory of what i hear myself say when I advise others. I notice that the words that i use are actually word that i needed to hear. so when i get mad or when someone uses their anger towards me i refocus my energies and think of positive solutions to figure out the best plan of action. breathing and listing knowing the are speaking to them selves...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

its a fun process being able to reach different milestone

Its a fun process being able to reach different milestones.Weighting out my options, i learned the difference between producing an Animatic and rendering out separate scenes to convert into video... while both are good tools to tell a story, one is more cost effective than the other...
My first attempt of an Animatic set me back, it didn't advance the quality of my productivity.But by doing so, I was able to grasp the idea of my second version. Rendering out frames is time consuming but it will allow me to create a .mov to edit. 
I am going to attempt another version of  an Animatic. this version will be similar to a directors hand book or sizzle reel.  

Friday, March 7, 2014


 pre-production meeting with DC regarding bluemist was successful. I rendered out a raw storyboard animatic, a link will be provided within  my next few blogs. The other day I spent time studying Prometheus, worked on UV's and art for my new Album {ANIMATION}  limited release on JUNE 16  full release day of GRADUATION... o yeah!  I have also, been working on  REEL IDEAS...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Down to my final months Enrolled at The Los Angles Film School it has been a long journey to get to this present moment.Four and half years of full time studies I am confidence in my craft to create what ever comes to mind. Producer, Director, Screenwriter, 3D Artist, C.C.O.
Today, I worked on focusing my energies into my first animated project. I will use a mixture of arts to create a MR REE PRODUCTIONS stylized music video. All original art.
the first phase was the creation of the song which includes music created by Mr Ree Dabeatbully Guitar by DaVinci Celone, Vocals by Mr WillIwoo.
the second phase was the collaboration with DC and I. to plot a storyboard.
current phase is... the restful of what i will post here on Creative Mind @ Work