Tuesday, April 22, 2014

rooftop view

Getting to this state of mind has taking a lot of thought. The true challenge is overcoming resistance. Resistance comes in many forms and each form presents a different challenge. Currently I am in the Roto Phase, long process but it add great value to the overall production. Once I finish roto or masking i can get into the color correction and more effects...

This Project was very costly. A lot of time was spent on trail and error, trouble shooting and method comparison. I have learned the importance of making an effective work flow to reach miles stones within the prescribed deadlines. Now that I have gotten this far I now know how far I can go and how long it may take to reach the mile stone destination.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Computer Generation

track list... 1, Sunny with a Chance of snow. 2, The Spirit in Me. 3, Give Praises. 4, This world belongs to Your. 5, Since. 6, Lavish Life. 7, Overstand Me. 8, Take Action Make Moves Keep Stacking. 9, Blue Mist, 10, posted. 11, Playing Games. 12, Venting. 13, Chops. 

Computer Generation is my 5th Personal Album which will be the 2nd personal album I put into the Market. I have been working on Computer Generation for a period of 16 months now. My goal is to Pre Release it, Hard Copy, on June 16, 2014. After the Pre Release I will take the necessary steps to put it on line for Digital Download . 

Self Distruction


Written by Bryant Campose

 I have decided to take on a new project and work with Bryant  (Film student) on the production team (Line Producer, Creative Consultant, Indiegog Campaign Producer Script supervisor during shoot.